Who Can Join

Anyone who supports our objectives.

Membership Benefits

BPW programs and projects enable women to acquire skills and knowledge beneficial to their careers and personal lives.

  • Monthly Meetings – We meet every 4th Monday of the Month (September through June) at various local restaurants.

  • Peer Support – We take you seriously and your needs are our #1 concern.

  • Networking – You have the opportunity to build invaluable contacts with other working women.

  • Education – Various programs provide a wealth of knowledge in all matters pertaining to women.

  • Political Awareness* – BPW keeps you abreast of legislative issues critical to women. The Political Actional Committee (PAC) supports women/pro-women candidates locally.

  • Individual Development Course – A course designed to develop leadership and interviewing skills, public speaking and networking tools.

  • Young Careerist – A program designed to recognize the achievements of young working women.

  • Scholarship – BPW Foundation and BPW/PA provide scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students. 

  • Community Involvement – Area services including local women’s shelters, the Montgomery County Community College scholarship and the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Award.

BPW is a nonpartisan organization; our policy decisions are based on how the issues impact women, not what party or which candidate supports the issue.